Your guarantee of a low-chlorine pool.

Tested and approved by the government.

An ECD® pool replaces chlorine with Electro Chemical Disinfection. It is healthy, environmentally friendly and cost-saving. Moreover, we can turn any existing pool into a low-chlorine ECD® pool..

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ECD® is the only disinfection system that has official approval from the Belgian Health Agency to be used  to swim at low chlorine levels.

How it works?

ECD replaces 80% of chlorine disinfection with electrical disinfection.

80% electrical

An electro-cell is placed in the technical room that applies current to the water. This provides ‘electrical disinfection’ by electrocution of all germs and ‘chemical disinfection’ by creation of Reactive Oxygen Species, also known as free oxygen radicals, which destroy germs through oxidation.

This process in which electrical and chemical disinfection take place simultaneously is called ‘ECD’ Electro Chemical Disinfection.

20% chlorine

A minimal amount of chlorine is added to the water to have a disinfecting buffer, this to absorb contamination from swimmers or from the environment.

Health score

ECD® pool  vs. Traditional Pool

If we compare an ECD® pool with a traditional pool, we can clearly see the difference in the risks and consequences of using chlorine. It is well known that actual chlorine levels not only cause irritation, but also cause respiratory problems and even asthma (see newsletters). With ECD technology, we open up a ‘safe and healthy swimming zone‘ for every swimmer in every pool.

ECD® pool

healthy swimming

Chlorine level

Traditional pool

health risks 

Chlorine level

0 – 0,2

From 0,0 to 0,2 the chlorine level is to low and there is a high risk of bacterial infections and contamination .

0,2 – 0,5

Between 0,2 and 0,5 you can swim in complete safety in a low-chlorine ECD pool.

> 0,5

Above 0,5, we see swimmers with irritations, red skin, respiratory problems and development of astma.

The benefits

Why an ECD® pool?

An ECD pool not only guarantees healthy and safe swimming water, but also a lower chlorine bill. Because by saving on chlorine levels, you will also save on the associated costs. Discover all he advantages of an ECD® pool below:

No health problems caused by chlorine

Lifeguards no longer experience respiratory illnesses in an ECD pool. Even more good news for the 25% of competitive swimmers who will no longer suffer from asthma due to too much chlorine, and parents can also breathe a sigh of relief as there is no more risk of babies developing respiratory problems.

No chemicals, no gases

The new electro-disinfection system works without the addition of chemicals or gases. Only a small amount of chlorine needs to be added in the pool.

Fewer toxic chlorine derivatives in wastewater

As the quality of our water is of increasing concern to the government, the environment also benefits from ECD. This is because the new system makes it possible to drastically reduce the toxic AOX (Adsorbable Organic Bound Halogens) levels in wastewater.

Save up to €9,000 in chlorine annually

Since only a third of chlorine is needed in an ECD pool, your chlorine bill drops significantly. For a classic public swimming pool, this means savings of between €5,000 and €9,000 a year.

3 in 1 Plug & Play

OXY-3 systems

By installing the OXY-3-system, we turn your pool into a low-chlorine ECD® pool. It combines ECD® with UV and copper ionisation, allowing any pool to switch to low-chlorine swimming.

Why we combine these three can be found at

There are 3 models available for public pools and 2 models for residential and private pools.

About ECD®

Tested and approved by the authorities

ECD® is the only disinfection system that has official approval from the Health Agency to be used  to swim at low chlorine levels. 

ECD® systems were developped and tested for 10 years under supervision of the Belgian Health Agency. This for different  types of public pools:  25m pools, recreational pools, instruction pools, paddling pools.

In the last years, the system has already been installed in different public pools  and  5 new pools will be started up in 2023-2024.


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