Frequently asked questions

What is the price tag?


NoviNato has 5 models available for different sizes of pools. Three for commercial pools (Oxy-3-Large, Oxy-3-medium and Oxy-3-Small) and 2 for residential pools (Oxy-3-compact 600 and 400).

The OXY-3 models combine three electro-disinfection mechanisms: ECD, UV and Copper ionisation. Why these three? You can find that explanation at 

The price depends on the size of your pool.

How much chlorine do you save?


You can save at least 50% to 80% on chlorine. This depends on your actual chlorine level and the level you want.

Is it also available for private pools?


The units were originally developed for industrial use in large public swimming pools. In 2022, smaller units have been developed for hotels, wellness centres and private swimming pools. NoviNato has 2 models available for residential pools (Oxy-3-compact 600 and 400). If you provide us with the necessary information, we can give you the information on the unit you will need.

Can it really be installed in any existing pool?


NoviNato has designed the units to be plug & play and universal. Plug & play means that you easily connect it to your existing installation. Universal, in turn, means that you can install it regardless of your filter type, chlorine system and acid correction.

Where can I buy this?


All units are manufactured by NoviNato in Belgium with EU label and warranty. Installations for public swimming pools can be purchased directly from NoviNato. Residential units are sold by ECD partners.

Let us know where you are located and we will look for an ECD licensed installer or your installer can contact us to become an ECD partner.

What is the ‘Return On Investment’?


The ROI depends on the price of chlorine and chlorine consumption. The higher the price, the faster the installation is paid back. The more visitors you have, the more chlorine is consumed, the faster the installation is paid back. In Belgium, at current chlorine prices, the ROI is 15 to 20 years for a standard 25-metre pool.

For a new construction, this means that the total cost of a low-chlorine ECD pool is lower than that of a conventional chlorinated pool. So, why should you build a high chlorine pool when you can build a low-chlorine pool for the same price?

With our calculation tool, we can calculate the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for a public swimming pool. Please contact us for this.

Wat is the lifespan of the installation?


NoviNato is an industrial manufacturer. The units are built for 24/7 intensive use in public swimming pools. Only the highest level of quality can cope. They are manufactured for a lifespan of 50 years. The smaller unit, the OXY 3-Compact, is made of the same material. More info on

How much is the maintenance cost?


The OXY-3 unit contains three components: the ECD electro unit will need to be replaced after about 9 years , the UV unit every 2 years and the copper every 2 to 4 years. In turn, prices depend on the size of the model.

Using a calculation tool, we can calculate the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for a public swimming pool. Please contact us for this.

How does the installation work?


The units are plug-and-play, so easy to install on your existing installation. Your installer will receive training on their installation and maintenance if required.